Snowshoeing through Haliburton’s powder coated landscape is the perfect way to enjoy the winter.

The benefits of snowshoeing are undeniable – it’s a great low impact, aerobic activity which tones muscles and builds strength. And as a bonus, you get out to enjoy the fresh air and landscape of Haliburton County.

Snowshoeing can be shared with loved ones of all ages; the littles ones may even want to spend all day outside once you get ‘em in a pair of snowshoes, particularly once they realize they can glide on top of the snow.

If you are just getting started with snowshoeing, or you are looking to upgrade your equipment, the newly opened Delancey Sports in Haliburton can help equip you and your family.

Their team will help outfit you with the right sized shoe, which is based on weight. They carry aluminum snowshoes by Faber and Snowtrek.  Aluminum snowshoes are lightweight, compact and tough – as well as easy to maintain in or out of season.

Snowshoeing has relatively low costs compared to other winter sports. Once you outfit yourself with the shoes (and poles if desired), you’re set to start exploring!

With so many great benefits and so few drawbacks, snowshoes are a very good gamble.

See you out on the trails!